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Little Nurture’s Curriculum is based on the progressive approach. We emphasize on learning by doing, which means more hands – on activities and experimential learning. We nurture kids with organized, structureal and sequencial learning, that helps them to realize their potential. We focus on all round development of the kids and after much comprehension and thinking, our professionally trained expert has designed our curriculum.

Our key focus areas are:

1) Logsitive development – Language learning and brain development
2) Socio – emotional development – Focuses on relationship’s with friend and family, sharing and caring
3) Language development – Focuses on child’s communication and expression skills.
4) Gross – Motor development – Focuses on hand, eye and body movements.
5) Fine – Motor development – Focuses on development of child’s smaller muscles to do tasks like – holding pancils, colouring and writing.
6) Personal Awarense – Focuses on walking child aware himself, safty and hygiene.

Indoor Sports Complex:

In India, we experience extreme weather conditions (extreme cold, extreme hot) accompanied with pollution. Children are forced to stay inside. Our spacious Indoor Sports Complex offers children the chance to stay active, no metter what thr weather is like outside.

One indoor sports complex includes a wide array of toys and equipments. It is a safe and spacious place for children to interact and develop social and motor Skills. We Offer age appropriate games for 1.6 years – 6 years old kids. Sports plays and important role in the over all development of the child . Our Indoor Sports Complex caten to a wide range of sports and physical activities including – basket ball, hand ball, table tennis, badminton etc.