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Play group

1.6 yrs to 2 yrs

The Programe is designed for children to help them settle down and prepare them for entry in to pre-primary level. They are tought to respond to the instructions, sharing and playing cooperatively.


2+ yrs

At the Pre – Nursery level, the programe is designed to promote exploration and dicovery about themeselves. The Programe involves age appropriate activites like – story telling, music and movements, coordination, balance and attention to the task at hand.


3+ yrs

At the Nursery level, children are introduced to phonics. They learn to read and write alphabets in s sequential manner, learn to write and speak simple sentences. A thematic approach integrates subjects like – math, music and movement, art and craft.

Kinder Garten(KG)

4+ yrs

This programe prepare the children for the next level of learning and enhances their cognitive, social, physical and logical problem solving skils, Additional emphasis is given to writing, listening, reading and communication skills. They develop the ability to follow and participate in games and activities.


5+ yrs

This programe takes on a more challenging task of preparing children for formal schooling. Children develop reading and writing skils, get friendly with hindi, maths, science, social studies, arts and music. Confidence in learning and self expression are goals for our learners. The overall program highlights the sense of completion and prepare them for greater challenges.