Impact of Play way and Montessori method

Impact of Play way and Montessori method


At Little Nurture we follow our Rainbow program in which seven domains of early childhood development are focused such as Cognitive development, Socio-Emotional development, Language development, Gross motor development, Fine motor development, personal awareness and individual potential. Our curriculum focuses on nurturing your child’s growth and learning capabilities. For this we simply use  play way or Montessori method. Children are happiest when they engrossed in play. Play way method is mostly “Activity based” or we can say “hands on experience” learning. Play encourages all area of proper development from  cognitive and physical to social and emotional. There are some facts about the benefits of play way method.

  1. It builds self esteem and confidence.
  2. It develops problem solving skills.
  3. It encourages new vocabulary usage.
  4. Play way method  teaches children to collaborate and share.
  5. Play teaches children to be alone and independent.
  6. Play allows children to release their emotions.
  7. With this play way method the child can give wings to their imagination ability.
  8. It helps in Learning as the child is more curious to learn while playing.
  9. A child’s physical body development is influenced by physical activity. It provide opportunities for the movement of various parts of body which helps the child’s muscular development.
At the end it facilitates the overall all and holistic development.

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