Ways to encourage kids to drink more water

Ways to encourage kids to drink more water


Our body requires lots of water every day as most of biological processes like breathing, sweating, and digestion requires water. These three things kids do frequently. Its important that children are drinking enough to stay healthy, hydrated and active. But for many parents, getting their children to drink water is not only a challenge, it is an almost impossible task. This lack of water can have deep impact on children. It contributes to obesity, dehydration which affect their performance in school, and can lead to other unhealthy habits.
Try few simple tricks to encourage your child drink more water.

  1. Build water drink times into your family routine.
  2. Let your child chose their glass, cup or straw: Little kids love to exercise their independence. Use that to your advantage and let them pick out  their own sippy cup and straw. Once they have sense of ownership, make it clear that the cup and straws are to be used  strictly for water.
  3. Add some flavor: Kids are often turned off by water due to its neutral taste. This can be   easily remedied by infusing delicious fruits and veggies such as lemon, oranges.
  4. Be Role model: Children mimic behaviour so make  sure that you regularly drink water to quench your thirst.

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